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Islanders perform worse under Patrick Roy than before his arrival
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
When Patrick Roy arrived, the Islanders were going nowhere.

Lane Lambert had failed to maximize his squad’s potential, prompting Lou Lamoriello to call on the former Canadiens goaltender behind the bench.

This marked his return to the NHL.

His journey in New York began with three points in four games before the All-Star break. Then, the team rolled in sequences: two wins, three losses, one win, two losses, six wins… and six losses between March 11 and 21.

That’s when it hurt.

Since then, the team has been alternating wins and losses, with the result that for weeks now, the Islanders have had absolutely no momentum heading into the playoffs.

And what we’re seeing is that the team (which won yesterday against the Flyers) has been playing for .517 since the Quebecer arrived in town. And before January 20, the team was playing for .544.

Remember that when Roy arrived in the NHL as coach in Colorado, he led his team to the playoffs in 2014, after taking a team that drafted first overall.

But the following two years, nothing.

Will Roy be able to reverse the trend and make the playoffs in the coming weeks… despite the fact that his GM didn’t offer him any support at the trade deadline last month?

It won’t be easy, as there are still several good teams to overtake in the standings. And the clock is ticking against the New York Islanders, too…



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