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David Reinbacher: “stupid comments” about him have depressed his father
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Who doesn’t remember the comments some fans made about David Reinbacher when he was drafted?

When Carey Price announced the selection of David Reinbacher last June, many Habs fans didn’t like it.

Why didn’t they like it? Because Reinbacher is a right-handed defenseman, not a forward.

That said, it’s one thing to criticize the fact that he’s a defenseman, but quite another to see comments on social networks relating to the Second World War.

Because yes, people have gone that far.

TVA Sports journalist Anthony Martineau recently contacted his father Harald to talk about his son. And speaking of the draft, the father admitted that several comments had depressed him.

This is what can be read in the following text:

Right now, things are going well for the defenseman, who is applauded by the Rocket. And while that makes the father happy, he hasn’t forgotten the nasty comments about his son.

He really hasn’t.

Let’s not forget that the Habs sent him to Switzerland to get him away from the pressure of Montreal. To what extent was the defender affected by the comments more than you might think?

Here’s what the father had to say about the criticism.

His grandfather was in the war and never talked about it with him. It was terrible to read that. I still don’t understand why these stupid comments were published.

If you’re smart enough, you’ll never do that. – Harald Reinbacher

Of course, he’s aware that not all fans in Montreal are like that. But if you read TVA Sports’ excellent text, you can see that he’s clearly affected by what he’s read.

Since then, he’s stayed away from social networks.

It’s also worth noting that, when talking about his son’s last year at Kloten, Harald sounds a little bitter about the way it all went down. Anthony Martineau mentions that the father brought up, during the interview, the fact that coaches sometimes have a hockey book.

Not always being able to support the attack for a defenseman is one of the things that infuriates Mr. Reinbacher.

In Europe, there are certain coaches who impose a playbook on you, who dictate really strict instructions.

If you’re unfortunate enough to try something instinctive, your ice time is cut, especially if you’re young. – Harald Reinbacher

He refused to link it all to Kloten (from 2023-2024, because he liked the 2022-2023 coach), but he hopes that in Laval and Montreal, it won’t be the same song for the style of play. And fortunately for him, Martin St-Louis’ concepts are quite open-ended.

Harald Reinbacher, who will surely be tuning in to his son’s game in Laval tonight, chatted about a number of other topics, and I invite you to read the full interview.

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