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Georges Laraque sends a jab at Marc-André Bergeron on air
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Big weekend of sport for Quebec fans!

Tomorrow night, the Canadiens welcome Jesperi Kotkaniemi and his Hurricanes.

As for the Rocket, they’ll be hosting two hyper-important games in their playoff race, as the Belleville Senators will be at Place Bell tonight and tomorrow afternoon. #Reinbacher

Montreal CF will try to pick up three points in Washington D.C. tomorrow night.

As for the Lions, they may be playing their last two games in Trois-Rivières, while the Maine Mariners will be at Colisée Vidéotron tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

Need I remind you of the rumours swirling around the Lions in recent days?

Many people and organizations in the Mauricie region will – I hope – be supporting the Lions this weekend at Colisée Vidéotron.

Georges Laraque, the Lions and Marc-André Bergeron
Speaking of the Lions, Georges Laraque surprised many on Wednesday during the Laraque – Gonzalez (BPM Sports) show. Let’s just say he doesn’t seem to have much pity for Marc-André Bergeron, who was one of the people behind the Lions project in the first place.

Bergeron was the team’s vice-president and general manager, and even acted as interim coach after Éric Bélanger left the team, only to be fired less than a year ago.

What did Georges have to say on Wednesday afternoon?

“People are hoping that Mr. Péladeau will buy the team to save them […] Marc-André Bergeron, we don’t hear much about him anymore. In the beginning, he talked about it a lot. He put all his branding behind it. I’d just like to say a quick word to Marc-André: I’m sorry that your project, which was so close to your heart, didn’t work out, but it’s amazing, Marc, how things change in life. Sometimes, when we say that when we spit in the air, it comes back on us… “ – Georges Laraque

What exactly was Georges referring to?

He confided in the next few minutes that when Bergeron arrived in the NHL in Edmonton, he took him under his wing. Bergeron didn’t speak English, and Georges translated the coach ‘s words for him. He even put him up in his home.

Years later, when Georges was working at TVA Sports and it was the trade deadline, Marc-André Bergeron called to tell him that his team had just acquired Rick Nash (as Georges recalls)…

But it was only a joke by Marc-André Bergeron. Georges, on the other hand, took it out before he knew it was a joke…

And we can still feel today that he hasn’t forgiven him (totally, at least) for the shot, which made him look bad on TV.

“I was in tabarnanne. I was in crime.”Georges Laraque, in all his politeness

Georges obviously felt betrayed by someone to whom he had given so much during his time with the Oilers. It’s understandable.

Funny humor (or not)
Damn, NHL players have a funny (or not) sense of humor sometimes…

Not just Marc-André! It’s like a culture of pranking, even belittling others… that sometimes goes way too far.

Georges hasn’t spoken to Marc-André since. And he’s never been pulled on like that again by anyone.

It should be noted that Georges and Marc-André played two seasons together in Edmonton, then another in Montreal (2009-10), Georges’ last (incomplete, remember) NHL season.

“Everything we do in life, when we spit, brings us back. It’s karma!”Georges Laraque

Now that’s clear!

Marc-André, if you read us, you can come and explain yourself on the Stanley25 podcast, hehe...

Or come straight to Georges and Gonzo‘s show. I’m pretty sure they’ll make room for you for a segment… provided you intend to apologize.

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