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A first defensive game at Place Bell for David Reinbacher
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

David Reinbacher’s offensive impact is far from his most impressive since arriving in Laval. The good news is that it’s not his job.

We need to explain to everyone that he’s a defensive-minded defender and that’s how he’s going to help his team win games.

He was a major factor in the Rocket’s 2-1 win over the Belleville Senators.

When I say he was an important factor, I don’t mean that he scored goals or earned assists. In fact, it was his defensive play that helped him.

He and the defensive brigade limited the Senators to just one goal during the game. Interestingly, the Rocket’s opponents have scored just 9 goals in 5 games since Reinbacher’s arrival.

In fact, even better: the Rocket has lost just once in five AHL games. He doesn’t let anything get past him, and he doesn’t flinch.

Reinbacher finished the game with a +1 differential, which is excellent considering Laval only scored two goals. He’s earned himself a few good comments on social networks.

The Austrian defenseman may have played a good game, but he got some help from goaltender Jakub Dobes in front of the net. The young Rocket goalie turned aside 36 of 37 shots.

Laval also won the match thanks to goals from Brandon Gignac and William Trudeau. Nothing much offensively from the Rocket, who were outshot 37-17.

Still in fifth place, the Rocket nevertheless took a four-point lead in the playoff race. Enough to make fans who want to see spring hockey in Quebec happy.

Laval will be back in action on Saturday night, once again against the Belleville Senators, in a bid to take a bigger lead in the playoff race.

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