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Kings in Quebec City: “We’re not going anywhere for free,” says Luc Robitaille
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A little over a month ago, we learned that the Kings would be playing a warm-up game in Salt Lake City next fall (and for the next few seasons).

The news caused quite a stir, as it also meant that the Kings would not be subsidized by the public.

The Legault government announced a subsidy of $5 to $7 million (public money) for the Kings to play exhibition games in Quebec City. However, the same cannot be said for the Kings’ visit to Salt Lake City…

Luc Robitaille was on 98.5 FM last night to answer questions from Mario Langlois.

The Kings’ president explained that they’re going to get paid in Salt Lake City (just like in Quebec City), but that the money simply doesn’t come from public funds:

First of all, we’re not going anywhere for free. We went to Australia, and that wasn’t free. We’ve been going to Salt Lake City for several years now, and every year we get paid.

It’s the same every time we play… – Luc Robitaille

That said… Why is the Legault government paying for the Kings to come and play in the province?

Why isn’t it a private company, like Salt Lake City?

During his segment, the Kings president states that there were several options on the table… But that the organization still decided to play in Quebec City.

Robitaille maintains that, as a Quebecker, you have to help Quebec “when you get the chance”.

He would therefore like to see former Kings players (from Quebec City) on hand to get involved with the community, especially as the team is counting on the services of Pierre-Luc Dubois and Phillip Danault, two guys who hail from here.

Luc Robitaille maintains that the Kings won’t be coming just to play. The goal is to give back to the community, because the fans in Quebec City are passionate…

But when all is said and done, it’s the same question that’s always going to come up when we talk about this issue.

Why is there a subsidy when the Kings come to Quebec City, but it’s different when they play elsewhere?

In short

– You have to do it, anyway.

– Love the celebration.

– Speaking of the Kings.

– We’re off!

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