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Zach Hyman’s 50 goals are the talk of the town
Credit: Getty Images
On March 24, Zach Hyman became the third NHL player (this year) to reach the 50-goal plateau. Hyman achieved this feat, at the age of 31, for the first time in his career, and he certainly has Connor McDavid to thank for the countless assists he delivered.

That said, this sequence, that of Hyman’s 50th goal, was captured as the lead actor wore a microphone for this grand premiere evening. This scenario shows just how energizing team sports can be, and how friendships can be forged.

Watch the video and hear what the players had to say!

How Hyman is loved by his teammates! This player (and man) is highly respected on and off the ice, and it’s all confirmed in a one-minute, 28-second video.

Leon Draisaitl, Evan Bouchard and Connor McDavid couldn’t keep their hands off him, and were particularly proud of the plateau reached by a rugged forward who is able to score goals thanks to his positioning around the net.

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Yes, Hyman is a deluxe grinder, but he also has above-average hockey intelligence, which allows him to be so successful offensively.

Yes, McDavid is a catalyst, but Hyman has great qualities and we mustn’t overlook this facet.

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