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The victory moose: how the Habs celebrate great performances
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

I said it in my first text of the day and I won’t go on about it, but sometimes it’s important to win games.

We all agree that, ideally, the Habs would win games without moving up in the standings by mid-April, but it all comes hand in hand. And we have to accept that sometimes there will be wins.

Yesterday was good for the coach in particular.

But there are also players who like to win. Going to work when the mood is gloomy isn’t exactly good for morale – either in hockey or in life in general.

And the Habs have obviously found a way to celebrate victories in style.

The team posted a video in the dressing room showing Kaiden Guhle presenting Alex Newhook with a “moose” helmet following the win. It’s actually a helmet with moose antlers on it.

Newhook, who did well yesterday, earned the helmet over Samuel Montembeault, who could well have received it too.

It may sound trite, but content like this allows team fans to see how their favorites perform after a win. Even if it’s only 15 seconds, it’s access to the locker room.

It’s a reminder of the importance of trying to win hockey games in a finite season. It’s not the end of the world (on the contrary) if the Habs lose, but it feels good to win.

In the comments to the video, you can see people saying they want to see this after every win.

Let’s also mention that it allows us to see how valuable certain aspects are for the group. Nick Suzuki (goal) or Samuel Montembeault (winning goalie) could have won the moose helmet, but Newhook, back in Denver and effective in the face-off circle, was rewarded.


– Sidney Crosby must not find it funny.

– Lions in Blainville? In Ontario? Nowhere?

– Blake Biondi is not expected to sign with the Habs.

– Hum…

– Really?

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