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Renaud Lavoie wonders if Tanner Pearson’s career is over
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Without much fanfare, Tanner Pearson has been left out of the Tricolore’s last two games. And with two wins under his belt, we’re not likely to see him back anytime soon.

Could this be his last game with the Tricolore? It’s possible, but according to Renaud Lavoie, it could be more than that.

The TVA Sports journalist wonders if Pearson’s NHL career could be over.

“He doesn’t really have a future with the Canadiens, and I can’t wait to see what happens to the rest of him in the National League” – Renaud Lavoie

It’s obvious that Pearson can no longer fully keep up with the high pace imposed by NHL players, but he does have his moments in games.

It’s the production that hasn’t been there for him this year. He has 12 points in 49 games played, including just five goals.

Remember that his three-year contract expires after the current campaign, and that it would be very surprising to see him back in Montreal next year. But at almost minimum wage, it would be surprising if a team didn’t make him an offer.

His long injury last year really slowed him down. It’s a shame, because during the 2021-2022 season in Vancouver, he was very effective in his role. He compiled 34 points in 69 games. He was constantly in the danger zones and had his uses in the playoffs.

He’ll have a full off-season to try to regain his form and, who knows, break into a line-up elsewhere in the NHL.


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