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Martin Brodeur thinks teams coddle goalies too much
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We’re all familiar with Martin Brodeur’s career. Beyond his statistics, it’s his longevity and consistency that have been truly impressive.

He now occupies a position in the Devils’ senior management team and is able to witness the NHL’s evolution over the years at close quarters.

He opened up to Pierre LeBrun in an interview where he talks about goalies these days.

He says the position is more volatile than ever, and notes that goalies can be extraordinary one year and find themselves in the AHL the next. He adds that this means there are only 5 guys he considers “reliable” year after year in the NHL.

Brodeur has a point. When you look at the goalies who have won the Stanley Cup since 2022, these aren’t names that were household names before their playoff performances. Including 2019, Jordan Binnington didn’t have much of a resume either before leading the Blues to top honors.

The former Devils goalie gave his theory as to why the goaltending position has become so volatile.

“I think we coddle our goalies. I can see it. I’m part of it. It’s like my goalie coach saying, ‘He’s played five games in the last eight days…’ I think, “So what? – Martin Brodeur.

You have to understand why things are the way they are. Teams have changed their mentality and prefer to put more of their payroll on forwards and defensemen.

We’re content with 1a-1b duos, and let’s be honest, it works. Salaries follow suit and that gives general managers more freedom.

Brodeur has this in hand with Jake Allen, who should be splitting the net with another experienced goalie next year.

Brodeur has acknowledged the success of this approach, but it goes against his nature, having played so much during his career.


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