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Martin St-Louis: “Mason is back to his normal self”.
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Martin St-Louis met with reporters in preparation for tonight’s (March 26) Montreal Canadiens game, and the recently returned head coach agreed to talk more about his family situation.

He confirms that things are looking up for his son, Mason, 16, victim of an accident and subsequent complications, and takes the opportunity to pay tribute to his wife, Heather, in passing.

“Things are stable at home. It hasn’t been an easy week, but I’m glad to be back. My passions are my family, then hockey. In that order (…) It’s great to be back, because things are better (…)” says the Habs coach, visibly in better spirits and happy to be back at work.

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“(…) things have settled down. As for Mason, he’s back to normal, and so am I, and so is my wife. These are difficult times for the child, the parents, especially my wife, who’s been there. I missed a little bit of it, but she was there when it happened (…) I have a good team here, but I have a very good team at home (…) I have a lot of admiration for my wife, the way she handled it all,” adds the Canadiens’ coach.

It’s great to see Martin St-Louis so relieved and back with his troops, and we wish his little family all the best for the future!

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