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Josh Anderson among the season’s huge disappointments across the NHL
Credit: The Canadiens will need him against the Golden Knights.

In Montreal, when a player doesn’t perform up to expectations because he doesn’t work, he’s criticized en masse.

We’ve seen it in the past with several different guys…

But this year, we’re seeing it especially with Josh Anderson. Everyone’s tired of seeing him being nonchalant on the ice, especially at the salary he earns annually.

The right-hander’s season of misery continues: he boasts a meagre 18 points (only eight goals) in 67 games this season, and lately he’s been getting criticized for not being engaged on the ice all the time.

He is one of the season’s disappointments in all four corners of the NHL, as we read in an article by RDS, which also includes the names of Tage Thompson, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Trevor Zegras and Jack Campbell :

We could also have mentioned Yanni Gourde (26 points – 69 games), Ryan Johansen (23 points – 63 games) and Mike Hoffman (20 points in 61 games) in connection with the disappointments this season in the NHL, but hey.

For Anderson, it seems so complicated on the ice. He doesn’t want to get the help he needs to improve mentally, his performances often leave something to be desired and so does his level of commitment.

Andy has no points in his last nine games, and his north-south style of play seems to be hurting him more than ever. He’s not shooting at the net much anymore, and he’s not hitting either (13 checks and 13 shots in his last nine games).

Somehow, Anderson must find a way to make himself useful in the Montreal line-up.

He’s lost his scoring touch, but if he were as committed and hitting as he was during the 2021 series… There wouldn’t be as much negativity towards him right now.

All that to say, at the end of the day, the Habs will have to work hard with their player to get his mojo back.


– Time for your questions!

– Nice. Good for his development!

– Really?

– It’s not all bad news after all.

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