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New GM: the Blue Jackets have learned nothing from the Mike Babcock saga
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Last summer, the Columbus Blue Jackets opted to hire Mike Babcock as their coach. We all remember how it ended for the coach, who didn’t coach a single game in town.

In the end, Pascal Vincent inherited the job. He was an assistant in Columbus and was lined up to be Babcock’s right-hand man when he was given the keys to the team.

You won’t be surprised to learn that things aren’t going too well for a coach who’s never coached in the NHL, who’s given a bad team and who arrives in turmoil four days before the start of training camp. #Surprise

Is it Vincent’s fault? Probably not. But could the Quebecer still get the blame?

What you need to know is that in recent months, the Blue Jackets have fired their GM. A new man, expected to come in from the outside, will take the GM’s chair eventually.

And since Pascal doesn’t have a long-term contract in his pocket as a driver, he could be scooped up if the new GM decides to make a change to bring his man in.

Speaking of which, Aaron Portzline went into some detail about what’s in store for Columbus in terms of a GM… and it’s easy to conclude that the team has absolutely no idea how to dig itself out of the hole.

Why do I say this?

According to The Athletic’s journalist, the way management is working to find the team’s next GM means everyone could be shooting themselves in the foot again.

In fact, the same executives who did their homework on Babcock to see if it made sense to hire him again are leading the search process for the new GM in Columbus.


There were big red flags in Babcock’s case (everyone knew it) and despite everything, he was hired. Will the team go with a controversial GM in its search?

Will John Tortorella be a candidate?


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