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Lane Hutson’s style is so unique that it’s hard for the Habs to evaluate it
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Lane Hutson is – and always has been – an intriguing prospect.

His offensive talent is undeniable, and if he were a little taller the day the Habs selected him with the 62nd overall pick in the 2022 draft, perhaps (probably) he wouldn’t even be with the Montreal organization at the time of writing.

It’s too early to say out loud that this is a steal, because Huston has yet to play a single NHL game. But for now, everything suggests that the Canadiens have made a very good choice.

It’s special when you watch him play because his style is unique.

He uses his speed to create things on the 200-foot ice, he uses his vision to serve his teammates, he’s able to score goals because he has a precise shot…

What I mean by that is that it’s a bit difficult to find a match for him in the NHL.

His style of play is so special that it’s hard to evaluate him on a normal basis, as Francis Bouillon said on BPM Sports:

Lane is a very, very, very hard guy to evaluate, because there are no other players who play that way. – François Bouillon

It will be easier to find out his real strengths and weaknesses when he makes the jump to the NHL… And that’s why the Habs’ player development coach goes on to say that the organization is really looking forward to seeing him come to Montreal.

We’ve been hearing good things about his game for the past year and a half, and it’s even more pleasing to see that he seems to be a good kid off the ice too.

At least, his teammate Mathieu Caron had nothing but good things to say about him:

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It’s also worth noting that in his appearance on BPM Sports, Francis Bouillon also spoke (highly) of David Reinbacher’s weekend.

The former Habs defenseman said he was pleased with Reinbacher’s performance, and that makes sense, because Reinbacher showed some nice things on the ice with the Rocket.

Obviously, there’s a certain period of adaptation for the young man, as he has to get used to the smaller ice surfaces… But Bouillon was reassuring in saying that these things will come with time.

All Reinbacher needs is a few rehearsals.


– It’s hard to argue otherwise.

– I’m all for it!

– Ayoye.

– Lots of action tonight in the big league.

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