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Jesperi Kotkaniemi didn’t want to learn when he was in Montreal
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s time in Montreal ended badly. The youngster signed a hostile offer from Carolina, who retaliated for Sebastian Aho’s offer, and left.

The team subsequently gave him a 1543-year contract at $763.45 million a year (don’t take my figures for cash) and let’s just say the Habs must not regret letting him go.

They should regret using the first pick they received in return to acquire Christian Dvorak… but that’s another matter.

All this to say that things didn’t end well for KK in Montreal. Clearly, the Habs are at fault, especially for bringing him to the NHL at the age of 18.

He’s still paying the price today…

(Credit: Hockey DB)

But the main interested party wasn’t snow white either. According to Renaud Lavoie on BPM Sports this morning, KK wasn’t doing everything he could to improve.

Ouch, you say?

I have a ton of examples of veterans who wanted to help him [in Montreal] and he refused help. – Renaud Lavoie on Jesperi Kotkaniemi

The journalist said this to contrast the fact that Juraj Slafkovsky isn’t cut from the same cloth: he’s hungry and wants his teammates or specialists to help him progress.

That’s not the same thing.

When a youngster wants to learn, it’s much easier for a group of coaches to give him the tools to do so. Whether it’s through veterans or through help like Dr. Shot, a hungry kid can progress – and that’s been evident with Slaf for several months now.

Meanwhile, in Carolina…


– It’s now official for Trevor Zegras. He’ll be back in action tonight.

– Interesting.

– He’s going to be good.

– It’s a great challenge.

– To be continued.

– Let’s go!

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