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We can expect to see John Tortorella make the leap to Flyers management
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John Tortorella is a good coach and the results speak for themselves.

He’s done great things everywhere he’s been (except maybe Vancouver)…

Even if his way of doing things clearly doesn’t please everyone.

The events involving Torts and Sean Couturier have been the talk of Philly, but the coach is still working miracles with his team.

The Flyers weren’t supposed to be in the playoff hunt with 10 games left on the NHL schedule, which is exactly why management decided to hire him two years ago.

Torts left the Blue Jackets to join the Flyers… And according to former NHL GM Doug MacLean, there’s a pretty simple reason why:

John Tortorella parted ways with the Blue Jackets because he wanted a management job in his final year with the team, but Jarmo Kekalainen would have none of it. – Doug MacLean

MacLean explains on the Real Kyper & Bourne podcast that Torts and the Jackets made a mutual decision at the time…

But MacLean also says he wouldn’t be surprised to see the controversial coach make the jump to Flyers management next season, because that’s what the coach would want:

John Tortorella began his NHL coaching career in 1989 with the Sabres.

He’s been doing this for over 30 years… And maybe he’s in the mood for a change.

But where it puzzles me is when I think of the fact that he took the job with the Flyers when the team was rebuilding. Torts has done some great things since joining the organization… And he’d like to let go of the project when it’s not even halfway finished?

We’re talking about a guy with a good head for hockey who understands the game. Whether in the office or behind the bench, he can get the job done.

But would this be the right decision for Flyers management, given what he’s been able to do with the team this season?

The question is worth asking, after all.


– You have to admit, it would be impressive.

– The QMJHL could expand.

– Really?

– Yes, yes and yes again.

– Of note:

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