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Reinbacher: tickets up to $225 (each) for his first game in Laval
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
The Rocket had a perfect weekend.

Jean-François Houle’s men won all three of their games over the weekend (two against Belleville and one against Toronto), and the timing was perfect because the playoff race is heating up in the AHL.

With their three wins, the Laval team now occupies 5th place in its division, which would allow the team to participate in the playoffs if they started today:

The weekend also saw David Reinbacher make his debut with the Habs reserve-club.

It’s no coincidence that the team won all three games in which Reinbacher played. Reinbacher solidifies the right side of the blue line and did very well on the ice, picking up a goal and an assist on the weekend.

Reinbacher has really come into his own with the Rocket, and that’s good to hear because we know there are doubts about him after his disappointing season with Kloten.

Circumstances haven’t helped him achieve much success in Switzerland this year, as we all agree… But his AHL debut is encouraging.

There’s a lot of buzz about Reinbacher and the Rocket right now.

Since he was so good over the weekend, it would be a real surprise to see him overlooked on Friday, when the Rocket play a home game…

And many will want to make the trip to Place Bell to see him up close, because not everyone has had the chance to see him play this year.

That said, on the StubHub website, (individual) tickets go for as much as $225:

(Credit: StubHub)

There aren’t many sticky tickets on StubHub at the time of writing, but you can find individual tickets for $70-75-80.

That said…

On Ticketmaster, for example, there are no pairs of tickets available except in the disabled section.

Individual tickets are less expensive than on StubHub… But it’s amazing how scarce seats are for what should be Reinbacher’s first official pro game in Quebec…:

(Credit: Ticketmaster)
The fact that Reinbacher has arrived and the Rocket are in the playoff hunt, it seems like the perfect marriage.

Friday night at Place Bell promises to be an emotional evening… And it’s clear that the fans are really interested, which is good news.

At least, given the minimal number of tickets available at the moment, we can expect the Place Bell to be packed for the game against the Belleville Senators.


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