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Carey Price: good with kids and generous behind the scenes
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Earlier this morning, we were talking about the fact that P.K. Subban wasn’t exactly the role model the Habs needed among their fans.

He was appreciated by fans and helped raise money for sick kids, but when it came to helping the Canadiens Foundation, he was less present.

He was more interested in promoting his own foundation than the team’s, let’s say.

These statements come from David St-Germain, a former Canadiens employee who worked in the sales department. Appearing on the Stanley25 podcast, he didn’t hesitate to say what he had to say.

Listen to the show here.

But even so, there’s one aspect that’s worth mentioning: as ordinary as P.K. Subban was with certain youngsters (those not connected with his foundation), Price was right on the mark.

St-Germain makes no secret of the fact: he adores Price. And while he admits that Price didn’t have it all his own way with adults (he had trouble with the fact that he was being worshipped by grown-ups, and that made him uncomfortable), he says that with youngsters, it was a different game.

Stanley25’s guest states that Price did things that others didn’t do. In particular, he would hurry to the kids waiting for him after games.

And you could see that he was in his element and that made him happy.

He had a way with kids. – David St-Germain on Carey Price

It’s worth noting that he didn’t do this for the cameras, since when Price did it, he didn’t necessarily post it on social networks. He and his wife were generous (in time and money) with the community and it wasn’t necessarily all over Instagram – even though his wife often posts.

In any case, #31 didn’t use it to buy himself sympathy.

Price may have been a polarizing figure, but it’s true that it’s the adults (with whom the former goalie had a hard time) who lived through the Patrick Roy era who were posting criticisms of Price on social networks.

Have you seen many young people criticizing Price lately? Yes, we have.


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