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“How much will I get for this picture?” when P.K. Subban forgets the fans
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

P.K. Subban was a fan-favorite defenseman in Montreal, but Marc Bergevin traded him anyway in 2016. We suspect it wasn’t because of what he brought to the ice, let’s say.

After all, we all know how he wasn’t the team’s most appreciated player in the dressing room… and the vote for captain was a pretty telling example of that.

But on this subject, the Stanley25 gang (Maxime Truman and JT Utah) invited a former Habs manager to shed some important light on how #76 treated the fans.

David St-Germain, who was a sales employee with the Habs, recounted several important elements(including opening up about the Marc Bergevin era in town) on the podcast.

For example? He talked about how, as a salesman, he sold a package called the Ultimate Experience. Fans can be treated like royalty during a game night, and this includes taking photos with players.

So St-Germain asked P.K. to take a photo on a given night. It’s a 15-second affair.

Subban, however, said he had some visitors to see and returned an hour later. He took the photo because David St-Germain insisted… and he added this:

How much will I get for this one? – P.K. Subban

The Habs employee was embarrassed by the comments made by his team’s star because the customers (who pay his salary) weren’t happy. And rightly so.

St-Germain says he would have liked to melt under the concrete of the Bell Centre.

Obviously, this is a one-man story, but he still says that everyone at the Habs was happy to see P.K. traded in 2016.

I don’t expect David St-Germain to be on Subban’s holiday card list, let’s say.


– Who will finish 32nd in the standings?

– The David Reinbacher effect or what?

– The season starts on Thursday.

– The 1,000-buck question.

– I like it.

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