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David Reinbacher: Jean-François Houle was (really) impressed by his weekend
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that David Reinbacher made his debut in a Laval Rocket uniform this weekend. The young Austrian, who arrived in Quebec at the start of the week, played in all three games over the weekend, collecting a (magnificent) goal and an assist.

That said, beyond the points, it was the fact that he quickly got into his stride that caught the eye. After all, the youngster played on big European ice until recently, but has quickly adapted to small North American ice.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than you’d think.

And as well as impressing fans, Reinbacher has clearly impressed his coach in Laval over the last few days.

Jean-François Houle talked about it on BPM Sports in the afternoon, insisting that Reinbacher played great hockey for his team.

Houle admits there were a few small mistakes, but overall, he liked what he saw from his protégé, particularly in terms of physical play. He liked seeing Reinbacher not let himself be pushed around, even though he’s not necessarily used to physical play.

Remember that at the Habs camp, he admitted to seeing a battle in a game for the first time in his life. And even if he didn’t get into a fight this weekend, he did respond when he did.

Having said that, Houle especially noted how well Reinbacher performed off the ice. The kid knows that he attracts attention (his press briefings are more covered than those of the rest of the team), but he manages not to let himself be distracted in spite of it all.

The coach also wanted to give some big love to the team’s veterans, who didn’t hesitate to take Reinbacher under their wing. They’ve made sure the youngster is never alone since his arrival, taking him out to dinner and quickly integrating him into the rest of the group.

And clearly, over the past few days, Reinbacher has shown that he can be an important piece in helping the Rocket secure their playoff spot. As long as the youngster can take it, and helps his team as he has done over the past few days, Houle seems willing to put his trust in him.

Encouraging, isn’t it?


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