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Conference final: Jacob Fowler dominates against Lane Hutson
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
On this Saturday evening, we were treated to a top-quality NCAA clash between Boston College and Boston University.

The duel also featured a match-up between Lane Hutson and Luke Tuch (Boston University) and Jacob Fowler (Boston College), three Habs prospects who are attracting attention this season with remarkable seasons.

The winner of this match has direct access to the Frozen Four tournament, as it was the final of the H-East Conference.

However, the loser was not eliminated from the tournament, as six of the 16 teams entering the competition will be winners from each of the six conferences, and the remaining 10 clubs will be chosen from the best teams left.

Since Boston College (30-5-1) and Boston University (26-8-2) are by far the two best teams in the division, the losing club will still advance to the tournament.

Hutson’s team could also keep an eye on Macklin Celebrini, the next potential first overall pick in the 2024 draft, but there’s also the Habs’ other prospect, Luke Tuch.

As for Fowler, he’s been able to count all season on the performances of Will Smith, Ryan Leonard and Gabe Perreault.

In the first period, Boston College set the tone with two power-play goals.

Obviously, Will Smith had to be the author of both goals.

Eamon Powell picked up an assist on both goals, while Gabe Perreault and Cutter Gauthier each picked up an assist.

Watch this surgically accurate shot from Smith:

With the score 2-0 in favor of BC, the two teams headed back to the locker room.

It took just over four minutes into the second period before BU got on the scoreboard.

It was Gavin McCarthy who threaded the needle, thanks to an assist from Ryan Greene.

Late in the second period, Cutter Gauthier showed why he was selected as one of the ten finalists for the Hobey-Baker Trophy, awarded to the most valuable player in the entire NCAA.

He doubled his team’s lead on the power play, while Perreault and Smith added to the tally with an assist each.

So far, Jacob Fowler was smoking. He stopped 21 of 22 shots in the first two periods and, among other things, robbed Macklin Celebrini.

Will Smith had no intention of stopping at two goals, as he completed his hat-trick in the third, bringing his point total to four in the game.

He now has 66 points in 37 games.

Impressive, to say the least:

It must be said that if the San Jose Sharks didn’t select Smith fourth overall in the last draft, the Habs would most likely have set their sights on the talented forward, rather than David Reinbacher.

With the score 4-1 in BC’s favor, Jacob Fowler made a spectacular diving save.

A few minutes later, Cutter Gauthier replied with his second of the game, and his third point.

A few minutes later, Boston University closed the gap to three goals, thanks to a late goal by Macklin Celebrini, who made his mark for the first time in the game.

It was on a power play and Fowler could do nothing about Celebrini’s quality shot:

Will Smith finally finished the game with his fourth goal of the match. This brings his point total to 67 points from 37 games.


Boston College won the game by a final score of 6-2.

Boston College now has direct access to the tournament. We can also expect Boston University to have access to the tournament thanks to the draft system for the tournament.

If you’d like to learn more about the rules and regulations of this tournament, please visit the NCAA website, right here.

The tournament’s final draw will be revealed this Sunday, when we’ll be able to see who will be the first duel of the Habs’ hopefuls.


Although Lane Hutson was expected to step up his game in such an important match, he was rather quiet. He wasn’t the only one to be quiet on the Boston University side, as top prospect Macklin Celebrini was also rather invisible in the game, despite his late goal.

Luke Tuch was completely absent.

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