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ECHL GMs think they’re in a video game

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ECHL GMs think they’re in a video game
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After transaction deadlines first in the NHL, then in the AHL, it was the ECHL’s turn to “be in the spotlight” with a transaction deadline.

That date was yesterday (March 21), and unlike the NHL, there wasn’t much action.

In fact, there almost never is. The reason: general managers think they’re in a video game. So says Matthew Vachon(Le Nouvelliste).

The reporter spoke with Lions assistant manager Alex Cousineau, who admitted that GMs expect his counterparts to give them his best player in exchange for a case of the puck.

A bit like me when I try to trade in my fantasy hockey/football in the background.

But ECHL GMs are paid to make trades and improve their respective teams. Offering mediocre players in exchange for the league’s top scorer isn’t going to do that, and more importantly, it’s not going to foster a good relationship with your counterparts.

Another reason why trades are rare is that players like stability and don’t necessarily like to change address. They don’t get paid millions of dollars like in the NHL, either.

Making trades in the ECHL isn’t always easy. Some players are in certain markets and don’t necessarily want to go somewhere else. – Alex Cousineau

For the Trois-Rivières Lions, the quiet standard has been met. The team, which is in a heated playoff battle, made one transaction: they released Parker Saretsky.

As Vachon points out, “by freeing up his spot, the Lions were able to make space in the 20-player lineup (18 skaters maximum) or on the reserve (two players maximum) to dress forward Benjamin Tupker (Union College).”

In bursts

– Wayne Gretzky’s 48 goals.

– It’s clear.

– Cedrick Guindon could return to the draft. [TSLH]

– Well done.

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