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“Why Jeff Gorton lost his job in New York: Pierre McGuire responds
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The hockey world was surprised in 2021 when the New York Rangers fired GM Jeff Gorton and President John Davidson.

The two men, who were replaced by Chris Drury, were in the midst of a rebuilding process in the city, and there was finally light at the end of the tunnel at MSG.

But why did they leave?

Did the owner become impatient? Did the club really want to promote Chris Drury? Was the infamous statement against the security department the final nail in the coffin of the club’s leaders?

For those who don’t remember, the Rangers didn’t like the fact that Tom Wilson’s gesture wasn’t punished, and called for the resignation of George Parros. It caused quite a stir.

But since we suspect that Gorton didn’t like the letter (he probably didn’t write it), we can assume that, no, it wasn’t necessarily because of the letter itself that he lost his job.

That said, there is a link.

Asked about it on Tony Marinaro’s Sick Podcast, Pierre McGuire said that, as a result of this gesture, people in New York said that Gorton’s plan wouldn’t work.

Why wouldn’t it? Because the club wasn’t strong enough.

That’s the flaw in the plan. He’s not doing things the right way.

He and John Davidson can’t stay because they think they’re doing it the right way. – Someone in the Rangers organization

It was the day after this event that the two hockey bosses lost their jobs and Chris Drury was named GM and President of the New York Rangers.

Pierre McGuire, who had lunch with Gorton a few days after losing his job, had several things to say on the subject. In particular, he said that Gorton had always refused to throw anyone under the bus in connection with the New York situation, and that he believed in his plan.

What I’m wondering is whether his vision has changed. Does drafting Juraj Slafkovsky and David Reinbacher prove that he thinks differently… or does the fact that Michael Pezzetta and Arber Xhekaj ate their black bread this year show that the boss in Montreal still has a bit of the same vision?

Gorton, who learned at the school of the Big Bad Bruins, has undoubtedly learned from the mistakes of the past… but to what extent? We’ll see in the next few years.

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