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John Tortorella punishes French-speaking Quebecers too often, believes Michel Bergeron
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Recently, John Tortorella has been the talk of the town. And why? Because he’s… Wrong.

It was his decision to leave Sean Couturier out of the line-up that got people talking. A month after naming the veteran captain, he took him out of the line-up, refusing to talk about it with the media.

The result was a Tortorella-style situation.

Obviously, the situation caused a stir, but it also got TVA Sports talking. Why do I say that? Because Michel Bergeron commented on the case and didn’t hesitate to make accusations against Tortorella.

We’re talking here about accusations against French-speaking Quebecers. Sean Couturier isn’t from Quebec, but we understand his point.

What he’s saying is that, if you remember the stories about André Roy, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Anthony Duclair and now Sean Couturier, you can see that the coach often takes it out on the guys from here.

You can listen to it in this excerpt, posted on Twitter by the Info LNH site.

It’s true that these are four Francos who played for him and probably didn’t enjoy every second of their collaboration with the coach… but at the same time, Torts is dumb with everyone.

We could also use Martin St-Louis as a counter-example. The two have a great relationship.

Then Michel Bergeron talked about Daniel Brière, the Quebecer who is Tortorella’s boss. Bergeron thinks that Torts is taking advantage of the DG’s inexperience to give him a quick one.

He even wondered about this:

The other thing I’m thinking: Daniel Brière has just been named GM of the Philadelphia Flyers. I wonder how much Tortorella respects Daniel Brière… – Michel Bergeron

It’s worth noting that Sean Couturier is set to miss tonight’s game. However, I’m not sure whether the coach is picking on him because he’s a Francophone or because he’s not playing well.

In my opinion, Torts wants to win more than anything… but I could be wrong.

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