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Tony Marinaro: “The Canadian got away with Joshua Roy”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Joshua Roy has proven in recent weeks that he’s a National League player.

His potential is intriguing, especially after seeing him collect nine points (including four goals) in his first 23 games in the show

But unfortunately, the Quebecer is currently sidelined after injuring his hand against the Oilers.

In recent weeks, the possibility of him being sent back to Laval has been suggested by many.

The Rocket are in the playoffs, the Habs have nothing left to prove this season… And neither does Roy, because we now know what he’s capable of at the highest level.

His development wouldn’t necessarily have been affected because he would have played important games in Laval. He would have been the team’s offensive engine and would have played a huge role in Jean-François Houle’s line-up.

Now, the Quebecer is injured and we agree that he could have been hurt in the AHL too. On the other hand, Tony Marinaro (BPM Sports) still thinks the Habs missed out on the young player:

As far as I’m concerned… They (management) dropped the ball with Joshua Roy. – Tony Marinaro

Tony Marinaro goes on to say that Roy wouldn’t have lost his talent in Laval because he’s already shown he can be good in the NHL.

That said, Joshua Roy is a young player and sometimes it’s harder to get the message at 20-21-22.

Maybe he wouldn’t have taken it well… Even if the Habs would have reassured him that they’re not sending him to the AHL because he’s not ready.

That can have a direct impact on the confidence of a player that age.

Ultimately, there are two ways of looking at this.

By keeping him up there, the Canadiens have ensured that their young player will gain experience in the National League, which is important for next season and training camp.

On the other hand, the Habs could have sent him down, thinking that Roy had done enough in the eyes of management and that he would have helped the Laval team in its playoff run.

Is one choice worse than the other? Sure, the timing of his injury doesn’t help… But it’s still worth thinking about.


– With good reason.

– Huh!

– Classic.

– It was the start of a great career…

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