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Josh Anderson must be left out

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Josh Anderson must be left out
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Josh Anderson is having a horrible season.

And when I say horrible, it sounds like my word isn’t strong enough to explain just how much trouble he’s having.

The right-hander had a nice streak in December… and that’s it. He’s invisible on the ice, he’s not hitting and he’s not producing offensively.

In his last 30 games, Anderson has two goals and five assists for seven points.

We know his job isn’t to put up 90 points a season, and nobody’s asking him to do that either.

But beyond the points, it’s the player’s commitment on the ice that’s frustrating.

Anderson – if you’ll pardon my French – looks as cr*ssed as ever…

And that’s why, in my opinion, the coaching staff needs to send him a big message by leaving him out for a game (or two). Although it’s more difficult at the moment, with Martin St-Louis out…

The fact remains that, if Anderson doesn’t want to work his butt off, he has to suffer the consequences.

That’s the way it should work, because the Canadiens value merit.

I get the impression that they’re trying to make him understand things because there’s been a reduction in his playing time…

But he’s clearly not helping himself at the moment, the way he’s been performing for the past few games :

(Credit: ESPN)

There are no quick fixes in the National League.

Guys are constantly fighting for their position… And if Anderson doesn’t wake up, he’s going to lose it pretty quickly.

Perhaps at some point, the Habs will have to start thinking about the option of buying out his contract.

He has three years left after the current season (his contract expires in the summer of 2027) and at the salary he’s making, it would be surprising to see any club interested in his services for a possible deal.

It’s all getting very ugly, and that’s flat in a way, because everyone who follows the Habs knows that Anderson has what it takes to succeed.

The Habs need to find a way to get him going again. And at this point, the options aren’t unlimited… Because the Habs have already tried a lot of things with him.

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– Good point. Makes you think…

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– Du bonbon.

– His turn to play.

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