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Coyotes to play in Arizona next season

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Coyotes to play in Arizona next season
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On the sidelines of the DG meeting in Florida, Commissioner Gary Bettman met the media with his deputy Bill Daly.

Whenever the Commissioner meets the press, there’s always a lot to talk about. After all, the Commissioner’s opinion on NHL issues is important.

What’s getting the most attention? The Coyotes, of course.

Of course, Gary Bettman is synonymous with the Arizona Coyotes. For some reason (actually, no, it’s because of the power of the TV market), Bettman will do anything to keep the Coyotes in Arizona.

For example? The NHL is ready to guarantee right now that the club will remain in Arizona in 2024-2025.

As you probably know, there are rumors of a move. But right now, the stakes are this: we won’t know until June whether the club will be able to buy the land it has in mind to build an arena.

So the club won’t be moving in July if it’s not a success: it’ll be too late. The result? They’ll stay in Longueuil Cup heaven for at least one more year in 2024-2025. #Hourra

If the Coyotes don’t manage to buy the land, the club will probably play elsewhere (Salt Lake City?) in 2025-2026… but then again, let’s not underestimate Gary Bettman and his love for Winnipeg, Arizona.

And if it works out, could such an arena be built? And if so, in how many years?

After all, you can’t build a new arena in two months. And if the club really wants to build what we see in the tweet above (these are images that were leaked via the club’s app), it’s going to take a long time.

Very long indeed.

Remember, the plan has always been to play at Mullett Arena for at least three years, with the possibility of adding a few more years to the deal. So it’s all part of the plan.

In any case, it’s not over yet.

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