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Samuel Montembeault: only one win in the last month and a half
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Last night, Samuel Montembeault was good in front of the Canadian cage. He gave the Oilers just three goals in just under 65 minutes, and it wasn’t enough to earn the win.

But no one is saying this morning that goalie #1 didn’t do his job.

Montembeault’s problem is that he’s playing for a rebuilding club. He doesn’t have a watertight defence in front of him, and the attack isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders either.

The result? The club’s #1 goalie may be playing well, but he’s not winning very often.

When you look at his game log, you realize that since the return of the All-Star Game, he has just two wins. One was on February 6 and the other on February 27. In the last month and a half (February 7, that’s quite a month and a half), he has just one win… against the Coyotes.

He’s on a streak of five straight losses and one win in his last nine outings. Clearly, he can’t wait to win one, because nobody likes to lose.

Of course, he’s up against the toughest teams, but still: he’s due.

(Credit: ESPN)

While Montembeault has just two wins since the return of the All-Star Game, it’s no better for Cayden Primeau, who also has two wins (by shutout) since the start of February.

However, he has done so in fewer games – five.

(Credit: ESPN)
Basically, the Habs have just five wins and 14 losses (including four in overtime) in 19 games since the return of the All-Star Game. The fifth win belongs to Martin Brodeur Jake Allen, who lost all his games in February, but won his last game with the Habs on March 5.

And since he’s been in New Jersey, he’s been on fire. Nothing less.

(Credit: ESPN)

We all understand that the Habs are rebuilding, but putting things in perspective like this shows us that there’s still a long way to go before we can claim victory.

Even if the Habs sometimes play well(like yesterday), the club needs to give more if it wants to win games. After all, the guys don’t care about Tankathon…

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