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Kirby Dach and Christian Dvorak were part of the optional training (non-contact jersey).
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Kirby Dach and Christian Dvorak have been sidelined for some time now.

Dach’s last game was on October 14, when he suffered torn anterior and medial cruciate ligaments in his right knee after a freak collision at the Bell Centre…

And D-Vo’s last game was on December 30, when he suffered a torn pectoralis major.

Both players have undergone surgery to treat their respective injuries, and their rehabilitation is going well.

At least, that’s what you’d think when you consider that they were on the ice this morning with the rest of the group for an optional training session:

Remember that the Canadiens have announced that their respective seasons are over. Could we see a surprise in either case?

What we do know is that the organization doesn’t want to risk anything with Dach because he’s young, because he’s had a very serious injury and because he’s already got a bit of a history.

Let’s not forget that in October, the surgeon who performed the operation formally forbade him to return to play for eight months. That brings us up to June…

And as far as Dvorak is concerned, there’s no hurry if the Canadiens aren’t going to make the playoffs this season. The club doesn’t absolutely need him in the lineup right now, especially since the acquisition of Colin White from the waivers…

Nick Suzuki occupies the first center position (which makes sense), and while Dvorak’s absence is good timing, it allows the organization to evaluate Alex Newhook in the number-two center’s chair.

Kent Hughes went out and got Newhook to be an impact player on the team’s top-6, and it’s useful to see what he’s got (at center) in preparation for next season.

There are only 15 games left in the Habs season, after all… And it’s time for the coaching group to try things out to see what works well and what doesn’t.

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