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Kent Hughes doesn’t know when Martin St-Louis will return to the Canadiens
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
The subject of Martin St-Louis continues to attract attention.

People in Montreal love their coach, and since we don’t have any details about his family situation, it’s normal for people to be curious about all this.

There’s a way of doing things right.

It’s clear, however, that with the GMs meeting in Florida and Kent Hughes’ media availability, questions were going to be asked about the two hot topics of the day: David Reinbacher and Martin St-Louis.

And as we can see, the GM (unsurprisingly) gave more details about his prospect than about his coach.

In the case of Martin St-Louis, the DG simply said that he was giving his coach his space, while hoping that everything would be okay. He gave no details on the current situation.

That was to be expected.

We have learned, however, that the St-Louis GM, who is also his friend, has not contacted him since he left the club. He wants to give him time to take care of his family and not think about hockey.

So he has no timetable to offer in connection with his absence.

So, for now, the Habs will continue to be coached by Trevor Letowski, obviously. How will the guys react to an absence that looks set to be indeterminate at the time of writing?

We’ll see when the Habs have another update for us.

In gusto

– Well done.

– Really?

– David Reinbacher will be good in Laval. [BPM Sports]

– Still.

– He’s skating again.

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