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SLBAM: NHL trade deadline impacts ECHL as well
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Hi everyone, two weeks have gone by already and it’s time for my article.

Good questions this week and a bit personal, in the sense of my daily life as a professional trainer and I like that. I hope to be able to give you a good overview.

Here are the questions.

I was the first to write about this after receiving a question. I said loud and clear that we should keep him in Laval and I still say the same thing.

If a talented offensive player isn’t playing in an offensive role at the NHL level, it’s not good.

How often do we see across the league, talented players get a chance with the big club and play only five minutes, on a fourth line being good on the forecheck?

This doesn’t help the player at all, and often results in a poor audition, with the future already decided in many cases.

As far as I’m concerned, sending a player back to the AHL is in no way a disavowal, especially at his age. He has a lot to learn, and Laval needs him much more than Montreal needs him. We mustn’t forget that it always takes an adjustment when players change leagues.

You don’t want Roy to arrive in the playoffs and need a few games to get up to speed with the new calibre. The whole thing will help his development, and he’s leaving a solid calling card, which is great for him.

67 points at the time you wrote to me and since then we’ve played three games. Our division is the toughest and so close that it’s amazing to look at the standings.

What’s happening for us too, we’re currently in Iowa to play three games, but then for the rest of the season (11 games) we’ll be playing only the teams in our division, so the teams we’re directly battling with for a playoff spot.

In the ECHL, the playoffs work like this. The top four teams in each division play each other. Then, the winners of each division play each other in the conference final and then in the grand final.

So for us, the last 11 games will all be four-point games. There’s no room for error.

For us, the deadline is an important issue, but also that of the NHL. I’ll come back to that in another question later. For us, it’s all about seeing what Pittsburgh and Wilkes do with their moves.

We’ll see whether Wilkes players come down or not, or whether our players come up. Because it changes everything if, for example, you know you’re going to lose a top striker, top defender or see your goalkeeper. That way, we can make all the necessary arrangements.

The great thing about the ECHL is that once the trade deadline has passed, we still have the right to sign free agents.

Right now, it’s the USports and NCAA level that’s coming to an end. So we’re going full steam ahead with video analysis to find our next Justin Lee, Justin Addamo or Tanner Laderoutte.

I don’t hate the idea, but I think it would be hard to know who is really a third or fourth trio player. It changes so much and it depends on the team.

In the ECHL, they only make one team and the host city is the opponent. This year, it was Savannah.

The problem with playing against3rd and4th trio players is that these players won’t play the same way they do in season, because they don’t want to get hurt, there’s no checking and nobody’s going to block shots. So, as much as I don’t hate the idea, the show would be flat.

Unfortunately, I think they should just keep the skills competition and let the game play out in my opinion.

I love the kid and he’s exactly what the Rangers have been missing.

Looking at his four-game suspension, I was surprised he got so many games. Not in the sense that he didn’t deserve a suspension, but rather in the sense that sometimes players who should get 20 games get absolutely nothing. So I wasn’t expecting much.

The other thing too is that yes, in slow motion, elbowing is 100X worse. However, if players learned to receive the check and protect themselves, we’d be talking about a shoulder-to-shoulder check, not an elbow.

Since he throws the puck and then turns around, this unfortunate incident deserves a suspension.

For me, Rempe just needs to understand where the line is and not cross it. He’s young and wants to prove to everyone that he’s there. But he needs to find a way to be effective for 60 minutes and give his team a chance to win, not lose. But I love him at the moment.

We’ll see what happens next.

It was the first time I’d watched not only TV, but my phone on social networks and so on. We were in Fort Wayne, having traveled the day before, and last Friday I was on my phone for just over 12 hours during the day.

You have to understand that, as an ECHL team, you’re not just dependent on the AHL, but on the NHL too.

So if, for example, a Pittsburgh forward gets injured, this has direct repercussions on us, because they’re going to take a club-school player up to Wilkes. And Wilkes is going to take a player from us.

But for us, not only are we dependent on Pittsburgh, but it’s the same story if, for example, a Wilkes player gets injured, they’ll come and take one from us. So we’re dependent on two teams, which can make things difficult sometimes.

So every move with Pittsburgh or Wilkes has an impact on us directly.

Like, for example, when the Penguins traded Guenztel, they picked up a forward who was going to play directly in the NHL (Bunting) as well as a player for the AHL.

That means, at the very least, a player was going down for us, which helps.

Then, when they traded Ty Smith, we were disappointed in the sense that we knew we were going to lose one of our good defensemen. However, since Carolina doesn’t have a team in the AHL, Wilkes remains under contract with Carolina and we’re not losing anyone just yet.

The same thing happened when Wilkes traded his goalie. We thought, we’re going to lose ours. But in the end, he went and got another one. So you see what we have to work with at the deadline.

So the impact is huge, and as mentioned above, the LAH also signs players coming out of USports or NCAA, so that can have a domino effect that can help us in the short term too.


– A huge thank you for your questions and we’ll see you in two weeks. @Mitch_Giguere.

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