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Learning French: Réjean Tremblay questions Nick Suzuki’s progress
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

When a sportsman or woman arrives in a new environment and learns a new language in the process, there’s always a lot of talk.

Let’s take a baseball example. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been learning to speak English for years. In the past, he only did this with his teammates, but recently, he’s started speaking in front of the cameras.

At the Toronto Blue Jays camp, he can be seen speaking in English.

In baseball, the debate is quite present due to the fact that many players use translators, a concept that is not as present in hockey culture, clearly.

Vladdy gets a round of applause for his efforts.

That said, you know as well as I do that there’s a fine line between speaking English in baseball and learning French in Quebec hockey. Those who learn English do so to practice their sport more effectively.

But Canadiens players who learn French do so for the fans. So, inevitably, there are fewer of them doing it… even if you sometimes see guys with a base making an effort.

And that brings us to the Canadiens.

This morning on BPM Sports, Réjean Tremblay talked about Nick Suzuki and his progress on the ice, but veered towards his promise to learn French.

He simply wondered where he was in his learning process.

Admittedly, it’s a good question. After all, when he was named captain of the Canadiens, Suzuki promised to learn French, as many people have already promised.

I’ve written about it before, but it’s clear that the captain’s promises are not empty. From the day he was appointed captain, he seemed to understand (some) French, which is a good sign. We also know he’s making progress and can talk to people in French… away from the cameras.

But the next step in making headway on Réjean Tremblay’s commentary is to do it in an interview. And clearly, if he doesn’t, he’ll be more applauded than humiliated if he makes a mistake.

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