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David Reinbacher to be in North America early next week
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

It’s done: David Reinbacher’s season is officially over.

Earlier this afternoon, Olten, the club we were supposed to be watching, lost. This means that there will be no relegation series between Ajoie and Kloten, and Reinbacher can go to North America. It’s only a matter of time now.

This question was half-answered by Renaud Lavoie during his segment La Mise en Échec . The informant said that he should be in North America early this week. This means he won’t be playing in Sunday’s Rocket game, but we suspected as much.

Lavoie says he’s one call away from coming to the Montreal area, but I imagine he’s already been contacted.

Reinbacher, who already has a contract in his pocket, won’t be getting on a plane this weekend; he has to get ready, say goodbye to his family and pack his things, obviously.

Laval play on Sunday, but their next game isn’t until next Friday. If he lines up with Jean-François Houle’s troupe (which will most likely be the case), I don’t know if he’ll be inserted into the line-up. But in any case, he should be around by then. Laval plays on Saturday and Sunday too. Will we be playing him three times in three days?

One thing’s for sure, I’m very happy that his season in Switzerland is finally over, because as we know, it was a mess over there. In Quebec, he’ll have the chance to play for North American coaches and on North American ice, which is better for his development.

Now we’ll have to find a place for him with the Rocket, who are in a frantic race for the playoffs. Logan Mailloux and Justin Barron, two NHL-tagged defensemen, are already on the right side of the Laval blue line. Will we put Reinbacher on a third pair? Will he play a few minutes on the power play as well?

My colleague Marc-Olivier Cook summed it all up late this afternoon.

In short, I imagine we’ll have more details over the coming week. One thing’s for sure, his arrival in North America is enough to make anyone in the organization smile.

In brief

– It happens.

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– Legend.

– Hard to argue otherwise.

– Bravo.

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