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Georges Laraque would put Ryan Reaves down with one hand behind his back
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

A month and a half ago, Jean “JT” Trudel and I came up with the idea of launching a podcast in which we’d say whatever came to mind. It was going to be relatively dangerous, but that’s what (real) podcasting is all about.

The idea of catching up with one of the guys who shaped the world of the Quebec sports web at the same time as me was exciting (figuratively speaking, not literally, gang…).

So we decided to embark on a kind of 10-episode test pilot project alongside Serge Fortin of the brand-new digital startup 9millions. And here we are, already on the seventh!

The seventh episode went online just a few minutes ago, and it’s a big hit. On the menu: some interesting tidbits about Logan Mailloux, Cole Caufield, the Alouettes and the Montreal CF…

We then welcomed Georges Laraque, who was given a mission (which he accomplished with flying colors): to answer all our questions. God knows, we’ve got some punchy ones at times…

Georges introduced himself on our set as if he were a (big) open book.

In particular, he confessed that if he were an NHLer today, he’d have no trouble sleeping the night before a game, and that instead of trying to siesta a few hours before the puck drop, he’d go shopping. Even if he had to throw in the gloves with Ryan Reaves during the evening!

“A hand in the back… easy!”Georges Laraque

@9millions_ If he were playing in the NHL today, Georges Laraque would go shopping in the afternoon… and he’d send Ryan Reaves to dreamland 1 hand behind his back that very evening. 🥊🏒 From the Stanley25 podcast (@9millions_ ♬ original sound – 9millions

Georges also confessed to giving lessons and tips to Michael Pezzetta and Arber Xhekaj… but also to Matt Rempe. #Scoop

When I asked him how he felt about Donald Brashear returning to fight in the NAHL at age 52, Georges simply confessed that he found it sad and that he sent him a lot of love. According to Georges, Brashear does this for cash only…

@9millions_DonaldBrashear in the NAHL (for cash?): Georges Laraque finds it sad and sends him lots of love. From the Stanley25 podcast.

♬ original sound – 9millions

Georges also talked about Ayahuasca, racism, speed, girls(trans or not), Bob Gainey, Sidney Crosby, NHL parties, growing up in Sorel, Annie Pelletier, curfew, Jean Perron, politics and the list goes on (really).

I sincerely invite you to go and watch this 7th episode (of a mini-series of 10, I remind you) as soon as you get the chance (or the time). It’s probably the best we’ve typed so far.

If all goes well, next week we’ll be talking to a former manager who worked for the Canadiens. He’ll tell us what it’s like to work for the Canadiens…

Is it as fun and beautiful as it looks from the outside?

Spoiler alert: no!

In brief

– Montreal CF puts a lot of pressure on the opposition (and it pays off).

– The Coyotes file is evolving, but not quickly.

– Flames offer contract to prospect acquired in Elias Lindholm trade.

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