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David Reinbacher has stagnated this season, according to Simon Boisvert
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Montreal Canadiens fans can’t wait to see their young prospects play for the Montreal Canadiens, or with the Laval Rocket.

This season, fans were able to watch youngsters Logan Mailloux and Joshua Roy with the Rocket, but Roy also got his chance with the Habs, and he didn’t miss a beat. He has nine points in 20 games with the big club so far.

At the end of the current college season in the NCAA, as well as the National League in Switzerland, the Tricolore and Rocket could – indeed, should – count on the services of Lane Hutson and David Reinbacher, respectively.

Reinbacher’s season with EHC Kloten has been an arduous one for the young right-handed defender.

Kloten could face relegation to Switzerland’s second division, as the team is one of the two worst teams this season.

And playing for a bad club in Europe must make you even more eager to come to North America and play for the organization that drafted you.

Unfortunately for the young Austrian, there was no real progression in his case at a stage of his career when development is important.

This is what Simon ” Snake ” Boisvert reports in the 8th episode of his podcast “Processus” with Mathias Brunet.

In the episode, Boisvert says he sees much the same player as last year, noting that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“He hasn’t regressed. Has he necessarily taken giant steps? No. ” – Simon Boisvert

There are a number of reasons why he hasn’t progressed this season, even though so much was expected of him with EHC Kloten.

One of the reasons, which we least expect and which would be the most unlikely, is that Reinbacher may not be as good a player as we think, and that Kent Hughes missed out at the last draft. At least, not a defenseman who belongs in the top-5 of a crowded draft.

What the Snake believes is that his situation is not advantageous.

The fact that he plays for possibly the worst National League club in Switzerland clearly doesn’t help his cause.

“He’s stagnated in a really so-so level and team. I think he’s the product of a weak team.” – Simon Boisvert

Following his answer, Mathias Brunet asked him if he was concerned. The Snake replied that it didn’t, because it’s going to be played in Laval. He went on to say that he’ll be in Laval either at the end of the season, or definitely next year, so the fact that he hasn’t progressed in this context in Europe doesn’t matter to him.

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