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The differences of opinion regarding Cayden Primeau are fascinating.
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In Montreal, we love hockey.

Canadiens fans are passionate and want to see the club win.

So, when a guy has a bad run or doesn’t get the job done, he finds himself at the heart of a lot of criticism. Not unlike Cayden Primeau in recent years.

Yet this season, the young man has shown that he’s an NHL goalie.

He’s had some good games since the start of the campaign, and his stats – while not exceptional – aren’t necessarily bad given that the club in front of him is rebuilding:

  • 5-6-2 record
  • .901 efficiency rate
  • 3.04 goals-against average

That said, it’s amazing how divergent opinions are about the young goalie.

A lot of people like his potential, especially with what he’s shown in recent months…

And a lot of other people just don’t believe in him, because it’s been a long time coming for Primeau to get to where he is in his development today.

It’s like 50/50 when it comes to him.

In the first group, we find Renaud Lavoie, who said this morning on the radio (BPM Sports) that it’s night and day in the goalie’s performances…

And in the second group, we find Mathieu Chouinard, a former NHL goalie who was also on BPM Sports and who doesn’t necessarily believe in Primeau’s potential:

I’m not convinced that Cayden Primeau is a true number two. – Mathieu Chouinard

In the Canadiens’ dressing room, the conclusion is obvious: Primeau is a good goalie, and the guys have confidence in him.

Now is the perfect time for the Habs to send Primeau into the fray often between now and the end of the season to see what he’s got.

There are 18 games left on the team’s regular schedule, and Montembeault has already earned the number-one goaltending spot for the upcoming campaign.

The next few games will therefore be very important for Cayden Primeau’s confidence and development… And after the season, we’ll have a better idea of what’s in store for his future in Montreal.

That’s when Kent Hughes can start thinking about next season.

On the other hand… it would be a bit crazy not to take note of his progress over the past year and a half.

At least, his performance suggests that his development is heading in the right direction, especially since he’s only 24 years old.

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