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New amphitheatre: The Coyotes could have an answer this week
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There are developments in the Coyotes’ file in Arizona.

We know that the organization is looking for land to build a new amphitheatre…

And there could be a breakthrough on that front by the end of the week.

Basically, what you need to know is that their bid to buy the land they have their eye on in north Phoenix will be studied by state authorities in the next few days.

The Arizona State Land Department Board of Appeals will evaluate the project this week, and if the company representing the Coyotes’ organization (Miracle Development) receives the necessary authorization, negotiations concerning the purchase of said land can begin.

The other option is to put the land up for auction … and the auction would take place in 10 weeks:

The Coyotes continue to do everything in their power to stay in Arizona.

There’s no one in the world who can criticize their efforts… Even if their intentions are often questionable.

I get the impression that the organization is trying one last push to satisfy Gary Bettman and the National League.

NHL executives like the Coyotes’ location because the television market in Phoenix is one of the league’s most important financially…

But we sensed at the last All-Star Game that the league is beginning to understand just how ridiculous the situation is.

What happens next will be interesting to watch.

Will we (finally) get an answer about their future in Arizona later this week?

In bursts

– If he can keep up the pace, he’ll have a great end to the season.

– I love it.

– Great news.

– Huh!

– Bravo.

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