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Matt Rempe ejected from a match once again
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Matt Rempe is going to have to learn to control his emotions. It’s not the first time these words have been written, but the Rangers player is likely to receive a call from the NHL tomorrow morning for another questionable gesture.

During tonight’s game against the Devils, Rempe took a good swing before hitting Devils defenseman Jonas Siegenthaler in the head with his elbow. See the images below.

He was ejected from the match for his gesture, and we can expect a suspension. It’s reminiscent of Brendan Gallagher’s gesture against Adam Pelech. The Habs forward was suspended for five games.

Just recently, Rempe had served a heavy body check to Nathan Bastian, who took a long time to get up. He was also ejected from the game, but not suspended.

All indications are that his fate will be different this time around.

During his first few matches, he was criticized for his numerous fights, which left him badly banged up. He has since calmed down, but continues to provoke his opponents with moves that can only be described as dubious.

Rempe will have to find a balance. By dint of provoking his opponents with such blows, he’s going to have to answer to some pugilists. Tonight, it was Kurtis MacDermid who wanted to fight after the incident.

The referees intervened, but it’s a safe bet that the Devils defender won’t soon forget.

It’s a shame to see Rempe play like this, as he has the attributes to contribute in ways other than fighting. But if he continues to get more penalty minutes than game minutes, his NHL career won’t be very long.

In gusto

– Off-ice conflict.

– A more than interesting final return.

– That’s going to have to be demonstrated over a long period of time.

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