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Mike Matheson was the best player on the ice last night, according to Martin St-Louis
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All in all, it was a good game last night between the Montreal Canadiens and the Maple Leafs.

It wasn’t the best confrontation between the two rival clubs, but hey.

Maybe it’s just the atmosphere at the Cage aux Sports in Trois-Rivières that gives me that impression.

Despite some good moments, there seemed to be a certain rhythm and intensity missing from this match.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the rematch between Arber Xhekaj and Ryan Reaves.

In the end, it was a game that ended in a 3-2 Leafs victory, but it was also a game in which the Tricolore didn’t get beaten, if Martin St-Louis’s words are anything to go by.

Indeed, the Habs were in the thick of things throughout the game, and put up a good fight against one of the NHL’s top teams – even if, between you and me, it’s only Toronto.

The Tricolore players wanted to win, and it showed, especially at the end of the game.

It showed throughout the game in the case of Mike Matheson, who was simply all over the ice every time he appeared.

In fact, for Martin St-Louis, Matheson was the best player on the ice in this game.

The Habs head coach was greatly surprised when he noticed that the Habs’ Quebec defenseman didn’t even get a star after the game.

Indeed, it’s quite astonishing that Matheson didn’t get one of the three stars despite his excellent performance over 28 minutes and 21 seconds of ice time.

Matheson was the most-used player on both teams, and was a very important factor in the game every time he appeared.

When he was on the ice, the Habs controlled 66% of shot attempts and 79% of expected goals.

That’s why his two points only tell part of the story.

It’s not always easy for Matheson, who sometimes has bad games where he often drops the puck and costs his team games, but in the end, we forget that the Habs can count themselves very lucky to have him in their ranks.

The kind of game he just played last night makes that abundantly clear.

With his goal and assist yesterday, Matheson reached the 46-point plateau and equalled the best production by a CH defenseman in the last five years.

That’s Jeff Petry, who had 46 points in 82 games during the 2018-2019 season.

So, in 18 fewer games, Matheson has already collected 46 points.

Offensively, Matheson is having an excellent season, and all the better for it.

He’s really exploded since arriving in Montreal, and has remained healthy this season.

In short, Matheson showed last night that he can be THE important factor in a hockey game, which is a very good thing for the Tricolore.

The Habs’ No. 8 will be an important veteran on the blue line in the coming seasons.

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