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John Tortorella suspended for two games and fined $50,000
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
As usual, John Tortorella knows how to get people talking.

His ebullient demeanor often pushes him over a line he shouldn’t cross, but he does so in the heat of the moment and will never be afraid to speak his mind.

Last night, the Philadelphia Flyers took on the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the crushing 7-0 defeat didn’t go down well with the players or the Flyers’ head coach.

Just over 10 minutes into the first period, the score was already 4-0 and Torts was in a state.

He had been excluded from the game for his milk rush, but refused to leave his team’s bench.

Good old Torts.

I have to say, I can understand him being frustrated like that. I also liked his guts for refusing to leave the bench to defend his team.

Well, now the coach has been fined $50,000 plus a two-game suspension.

Elliotte Friedman reported the news:

I didn’t expect to see a two-game suspension. I thought he’d get off with a fine.

By the way, that fine will be paid by Flyers governor Dan Hilferty, who loved how Tortorella stood up for his club.

Very nice gesture from the governor. Had I been in his shoes, I would have done the same thing. All I need is a few tens of millions of American dollars in my bank account and to be governor of the club.

In short, Tortorella will have to serve his suspension before resuming his place behind the bench. However, even if this case was different from the majority of his milk runs, he needs to calm down a bit if he wants to keep his position in the NHL. One day, he could go too far.

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