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San Jose Jr. Sharks: child sex abuse allegedly covered up
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Many teams in the National Hockey League don’t have much positive surrounding them right now, but one of them really stands out for its lack of positive.

No, I’m not talking about the Chicago Blackhawks, who at least have Connor Bedard, and no, I’m not talking about the Arizona Coyotes, because despite their pitiful arena and lack of fans, they have a bright future with young players like Logan Cooley.

I’m talking about the San Jose Sharks.

Indeed, the California club is having a simply awful season, and on top of that, doesn’t really have a promising future so far, despite a few good young players here and there.

What’s more, yesterday’s trade of Tomas Hertl (probably the only exciting player on the whole team) to the Vegas Golden Knights (a huge division rival, mind you) hurts all the more.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, now comes word of a child sex abuse scandal involving the Sharks Jr. team.

Indeed, that’s what this San José Spotlight article says.

We learn that the Sharks Sports & Entertainment group allegedly covered up and concealed several stories of sexual abuse involving children on their junior team.

At the center of the drama and accusations is former Sharks Junior coach Kevin Whitmer.

Whitmer is accused of inappropriately touching children during medical evaluations, requesting photos of children’s bodies and bringing children into the Sharks locker room alone with him in April 2021.

These events allegedly took place in the San Jose Sharks’ official training arena.

The Sharks organization concealed this information, despite several complaints from players’ parents, which, if taken seriously, could have prevented such events.

On several occasions, players’ parents had informed the organization that Whitmer was really weird and that he was making inappropriate gestures.

Not for nothing, Whitmer was arrested on 30 counts of child sexual abuse and 25 counts of child pornography.

To find out more, read the San José Spotlight article here.

So it’s another horrible story in the hockey world, as if there weren’t enough already with the Kyle Beach story with the Chicago Blackhawks and the Team Canada Junior story.

In short, the Sharks don’t have a club right now, are holding back the salaries of two players for several more seasons, don’t really have a promising future yet, and on top of that, have to deal with a child sex abuse scandal.

When things go wrong, they go wrong.

In a gust

– A big win for the Rocket last night.

– The beautiful uniform will have brought luck to the Rocket.

– Who are your contenders and what are your predictions?

– That’s a good one.

– Too bad.

– To be continued.

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