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Montreal party: the Kostitsyns were “crazy
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Happy trade deadlines to everyone… even if in 2024, the old mare’s deadline, it ain’ t what it used to be!

In this deadline week, JT took the opportunity to tell me that, according to an excellent source, when it comes time to complete a transaction for the Rocket, or to balance a trade at the accounting level (throw-in), the Habs first try to obtain a Quebec player.

A few hours after Jean’s release, Kent Hughes completed the Jacob Perreault vs Jan Mysak transaction . #TiensTiens

But it wasn’t all about the deadline on episode 6 of the Stanley25 podcast.

Odile Bernard, former participant in Occupation Double (Portugal) and waitress at Le Globe/Cavalli in the heyday of St-Laurent Street, came to talk about the stars who have partied in Montreal over the years.

First, Odile confessed that the Kostitsyn brothers were crazy when they decided to party(even if they didn’t always seem to have fun in life, hehe).

@9millions_#Habs#Party The Kostitsyns were the exception to the rule; they were crazy!!!! #Stanley25 #podcast♬original sound – 9millions

She also confessed to never having seen Montreal players having sex inside a city bar, as some girls on social networks claim.

@9millions_ No, Canadiens players don’t get s*cked under tables in restos #LesKostitsyn #Buonanotte #ChrisPhillips #Globe #GeorgeClooney #MariaBertrand #GabrielAubry #JohnnyDepp #DanaWhite #Party ♬ its original – 9millions

I invite you to watch the whole episode if you haven’t already. Odile talks about her breakup with Roch Voisine, the biggest nights of the Grand Prix Weekend, an entire NHL team who partied at the Globe, the tip the guys left (or didn’t), the Habs players who visited the bars where she worked, Lisa Ann and the role of agents in dating their players, her new career in real estate and the nostalgia she feels for her great years of partying on St-Lau.

In brief

– It’s always funny, these kinds of tweets.


– I (really) laughed.

– A familiar face called back to Seattle.

– Minor transaction.

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