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Jake Allen: the Devils weren’t alone in the race for his services
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This afternoon, we learned the news we’d all been waiting for from the Habs: Kent Hughes was able to trade Jake Allen, who headed to New Jersey in return for a conditional third-round pick in 2025 (which can become a second-round pick if Allen plays 40 games with his new team and the Devils make the playoffs).

It’s a tour de force… but the only catch is that the Habs were forced to withhold 50% of their goalie’s salary. Beyond the money, it’s the salary retention space that diminishes the Habs’ flexibility, but that was the price they had to pay to get a (good) pick in return for Jake Allen.

The goalie has agreed to waive his non-movement clause to join the Devils:

Obviously, the goalie’s contract and his more difficult performances meant that public opinion in Montreal was that it would be difficult to sell him to another team.

That’s why seeing him leave for a pick like that got a lot of attention in town… but it’s safe to assume that there was more interest in the goalie’s services than previously thought.

In an interview with Sportsnet, Allen revealed that the Devils weren’t the only team interested in his services. He obviously didn’t name the other teams in question, but notes that he did have a few possibilities.

You’d think the Avalanche, who have been linked to Allen in recent weeks, would be one of those teams, but in the end, it was the Devils who acquired him. He’ll support the young goalies in town, and above all, he’ll bring a veteran presence to stabilize the situation in front of the net.

In short, what Brendan Gallagher said he was already doing in Montreal.

The Devils, for their part, will be banking on the fact that the veteran will be able to bounce back in a context where he won’t have to share the net with two other goalies. He’ll have the opportunity to find his rhythm more easily, and above all, it’ll be a situation that weighs less heavily on the goalie’s shoulders.

His agent had mentioned it a few weeks ago, but Allen confirmed it today in an interview with TVA Sports: the three-way arrangement has really weighed heavily on his shoulders this season.

Allen, who says he’s discovered this season that he’s a patient person, thinks a more normal situation will do him good. That said, he was keen to give some love to his two former partners in front of the net, noting that Samuel Montembeault and Cayden Primeau are good goalies destined for a fine NHL career.

However, it’s away from Montreal that he’ll see the two youngsters develop, and for the veteran, it’ll be good news for him to be back in a situation more conducive to seeing him succeed.

I can’t wait to see if he can bounce back, and above all, if he can stabilize the situation in front of the Devils’ net.

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