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David Reinbacher: one goal (in an empty net) in 35 games this season
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
At the start of the season, it was questionable whether sending David Reinbacher back to Switzerland was the right decision. After all, it would have been ideal to keep him in Laval, but at the time, media pressure and fan dissatisfaction were factors that pushed management to send him away from North America.

Today, March 8, 2024, the consensus is that this decision was clearly the wrong one, as the defenseman – like his team – is having a very difficult season.

He has just one goal in 35 games, and that goal came in an empty net… in his first game.

Do we have anything to worry about when it comes to his production? Not necessarily. After all, he’s playing with a (very) pocket-friendly club.

In addition to his goal, he collected 10 assists. It should also be said that he has played under three head coaches, which is not ideal for his development.

One goal may seem worrying, but he still has 16.7% (one in six) of the team’s defensemen’s goals. No fullbacks seem to be scoring for this team.

  • Nicolas Steiner: 3 goals in 46 games
  • Steve Kellenberger 1 goal in 52 games
  • Mika Henauer 1 goal in 26 games
  • Rajan Sataric 0 goals in 52 games
  • Lukas Ekestahl-Jonsson 0 goals in 16 games
  • Nathan Beaulieu 0 goals in 13 games
  • Matthew Kellenberger 0 goals in 29 games
  • Dario Sidler 0 goals in 14 games
  • Simon Kindschi 0 goals in 17 games
  • Lucas Deussen 0 goals in two games

I didn’t expect him to score 30 goals, but he’s still a fifth overall draft pick. Let me ask you this: would he have been drafted fifth in 2024? We know that this year’s draft features several excellent defensemen.

Another question to ask: are the team’s defensemen in optimal goal-scoring situations? Judging by the players’ statistics, I don’t think any of them (forwards included) are in favourable positions…

The team’s top scorer has 29 points in 52 games….

(Credit: Hockeydb)
In short, get him out of there as soon as possible and bring him to Laval.

In any case, he’s quietly approaching the relegation round of his league.

He could also avoid the relegation round with the B division champion.

In brief

– Big win for the Rocket.

– We live in the moment, in Vegas.

– Well said.

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