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Kent Hughes to seek out Quebecers by tomorrow
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
The guys from the Stanley25 Podcast have done it again this week with a cracking episode.

Okay… no, I’m not Tony Marinaro. I won’t talk about myself in the third person.

The factremains that the sixth episode of the Stanley25 Podcast will once again be the talk of the Internets.

In the first segment, JT and I talked about traditional media bosses who don’t want their stars to sit down with us, people (both in traditional media and in alternative blogs) who don’t give credit, people who watch our podcast, the trade deadline (which isn’t what it used to be), the fact that we talk a lot (too much?) about the Habs’ future instead of the present, the chances of the Habs winning the Stanley Cup before we’re dead, the abandonment of podcasts at RDS, drinking su’a job,A. I. and the Habs’ attempts to sign Quebec players.

Huh, what?

According to good information obtained by JT, when the Habs must agree to get a contract (salary) in return in a transaction, in order to balance the exchange at the accounting/contractual level, the club tries to get a Quebec player, rather than another random player.

@9millions_ With an equal contract, the Habs would rather pick up a Quebecer #Stanley25 #LePodcast #Exclusif #MaxTruman #JTUtah ♬ his original – 9millions

Good on the marketing/comm

And Spring 2022 proved that Quebec players tend to perform better in Laval. Remember Jean-Sébastien Dea

For lack of (real) prioritizing Quebec talent at the amateur draft, we at least know that the Habs prioritize Quebec players when it comes time to pick up a contract and send said player to Laval or to the big club’s fourth line. Isn’t that nice to know?

Stay tuned tomorrow, if Kent Hughes ever agrees to take on a contract to complete a trade.

Although the recent additions of Jakov Novak and Filip Cederqvist don’t fit in with this supposed mentality…

But those of Nathan Légaré, Frédéric Allard and Nicolas Beaudin do!

Once again, I invite you to watch the entire episode. You’ll find a lot of good stock, free of charge… and unlike anything else out there. Enjoy!

UPDATE– 12:31 p.m. – The Canadiens have just announced that they have acquired Jacob Perreault, in return for Jan Mysak. Well, well…

Breaking news

– CF Montréal : Opoku is not about to return to the game. I told you all about it on Tuesday morning.

– While we’re on the subject of CF Montreal, you should know that the atmosphere in the dressing room is excellent right now.

F*ck Yeah!

– It’s all the talk.

– There are four goalkeepers in Carolina. [La Presse]

– He wants his chance to come back to Montreal.

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