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Jordan Harris doesn’t (really) want to leave the Canadiens
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There’s been a lot of talk about the trade deadline in recent weeks, and now there’s just under 24 hours to go before it’s officially in the past. Let’s not forget that tomorrow at 3 p.m., teams will no longer be able to make trades, so we’re in the final sprint.

There have already been a ton of transactions in the last few days, and Jake Guentzel is the most recent of the lot, but there’s bound to be more to come between now and tomorrow.

In Montreal, however, we can expect a slightly quieter day. David Savard could leave if Kent Hughes gets his price(which he hasn’t yet), but otherwise, there aren’t many valuable assets to trade.

Sean Monahan was the biggest, and he left a month ago.

On the other hand, we know that surprises can always happen, and if the opportunity presents itself, the Habs could clean out their huge bank of left-handed defensemen.

Jordan Harris is a name that comes up a lot… but as Stu Cowan reports, #54 really doesn’t want to leave Montreal.

In fact, Harris (who is an American) loves the Habs organization, but he really likes the Montreal market, especially for its French-speaking fact. Compared to many other Americans, he finds that it forces him to learn, which he finds extremely interesting.

We know that the defenseman is an extremely articulate and intelligent young man (Rob Ramage once said that the young defenseman could have been President of the United States), and clearly, he’s comfortable in an environment that forces him to learn.

Of course, Harris knows that this won’t necessarily be his decision and that it’s all part of the game, but in an ideal world, he’d like to spend many more years in Montreal.

If he doesn’t leave by tomorrow, that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t leave this summer… but it’s good to see that the young man is so keen to stay in the city.

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