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Jeff Gorton’s departure: “a lot of people around the league” were considering it
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Do you remember a few weeks ago when Jeff Gorton’s name was bandied about in Columbus? If the answer is no, I’ll remind you.

In fact, because John Davidson is the president in Ohio and was the president of the Rangers when Gorton was GM in the Big Apple, there’s a connection.

We’ve even heard a scenario where Davidson could become an advisor and Gorton could take control of hockey operations, in order to justify a potential VP departure to Montreal.

At the moment, with the deadline looming, this is not the topic of the day. That said, you have to wonder how much it was being talked about across the NHL.

And on this subject, François Gagnon (RDS) spoke.

The reporter talked about how John Sedgwick’s new contract allows the top trio (Kent Hughes, Sedgwick and Gorton, in order and out of order) to have stability and build on the successes to come.

But that’s not necessarily what everyone envisioned, at some point.

But a scenario involving the hiring of Gorton to take over from his friend Davidson, who could then become a senior advisor of sorts, prompted many around the League to believe that a fresh start for Gorton was, yes, conceivable.

Especially since Gorton, an American from Massachusetts, could return south of the border. – François Gagnon

But you have to look beyond that. It’s not enough to think that the American will return to the United States to be the boss of one of the NHL’s most ordinary franchises.

The Blue Jackets don’t inspire me much.

But let’s not forget that life in Montreal, a city not too far from New York or Boston, is more pleasant than in Columbus. And the current winter in Montreal isn’t very harsh, between you and me… #It’sNotCold

Gorton has always been with original teams, but he’s never “finished the job” by winning. He may, in the opinion of someone surveyed by Gagnon, want to reap the rewards of his work in the city.

If he’s lucky enough to go all the way with the Habs, I’d be surprised if he deprives himself of that option. – an executive

That doesn’t mean he’ll never leave. But what it does mean is that what he’s building in town is interesting, the dynamic on the seventh floor is good and the club will progress.

If he wants to win here, he has every right to do so. But at the same time, until the Blue Jackets have a GM, the issue will be the talk of the town.

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