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Pierre Houde and his touching appearance on Tout le monde en parle to talk about Paul Houde
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
On Saturday, Quebec lost one of its great minds when Paul Houde passed away. Appreciated by the public and recognized as an encyclopedia on two legs, he left his mark on radio, TV and film.

We all know what an exceptional memory he had, and since Saturday, everyone has had his example in mind.

This one, from a former appearance on Tout le monde en parle, is a good example. It’s fascinating to see how he remembers every little detail of the 1976 Olympic Games.

Naturally, since Saturday, Quebec has been inundated with tributes. Because of his long career, Paul Houde has worked with just about everyone in the business.

Yesterday, on Tout le monde en parle, a segment of the show was reserved for him. Several contributors over the years were invited to talk about the 69-year-old.

Among them? His brother Pierre Houde. It’s important to remember that he worked Saturday morning (F1) knowing that his brother had passed away. The news was announced publicly later that day.

Yesterday, on Guy A. Lepage’s show, the Canadiens’ game describer said that working Saturday morning was the right thing to do. It’s what his brother, who recently underwent brain surgery, would have wanted.

But as strong as he is, Pierre Houde still lost his brother, with whom he has grown even closer in recent years. It can’t be an easy ordeal.

And at one point in the interview, it did.

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Pierre Houde recounted how the two men wanted to work together, but in the end it wasn’t going to happen. And that’s when he started crying during the interview.

The last few days have certainly not been easy…


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