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Tyler Toffoli’s father often sends him trade rumors about him
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With just five days to go before the trade deadline (March 8), trade rumors are on the rise.

We’re all wondering which players from our favorite team will be leaving, but also what returns we’ll get for these traded elements.

In the case of the Montreal Canadiens, there’s a good chance that a defenseman will be traded. However, we don’t know which player will leave, and there’s no guarantee that a trade will happen anyway.

It will depend on what other teams are willing to offer to secure the services of a player who can help them go further in the playoffs.

One of the most coveted players is Tyler Toffoli of the New Jersey Devils.

When Toffoli was in Montreal, trade rumors regularly surrounded him, but he was able to ignore these talks to concentrate on his play on the ice.

On the other hand, it’s always harder when someone keeps reminding you, as his father does so well.

Toffoli has 44 points, including 26 goals, in 60 games this season.

At first glance, it’s rather surprising that the Devils are looking to trade an established top-6 forward, but if you look at the standings, it all makes more sense.

Under thewild card system, the Devils are currently eight points out of the playoffs, and therefore within striking distance of the Tampa Bay Lightning in the standings.

Unfortunately for New Jersey, this season the team has lost the services of Jack Hughes for 16 games and Dougie Hamilton for over 40 games.

The absence of their two stars has clearly impacted their position in the NHL standings, and understandably so.

Now, what the Devils need to do is trade Toffoli for an interesting return, in order to focus on next year and the upcoming draft.

The Devils obviously have several established players in their lineup, but trading anyone other than Toffoli would be a bit ridiculous in my opinion, as it would further delay their competitiveness. The core is young and talented, but getting young players or draft picks for an almost 32-year-old veteran is enough.

No need to trade more players.

It’s a real shame for the Devils, who had a very good chance of making it far in the playoffs, but injuries got the better of them this year. A tiny one-year ” reset ” to come back strong next year seems to be the solution for Lindy Ruff’s troupe.

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