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Steve Ott’s son takes off his jersey on the big screen at Blues game
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Former Montreal Canadiens player Steve Ott has never been afraid of the ridiculous.

He was always the first to tickle his opponents with funny faces and hilarious remarks, as seen below.

(Credit: YouTube)
(Credit: YouTube)

Even now that he’s an assistant coach for the St. Louis Blues, he has a field day when the opportunity presents itself, as with Ryan Reaves right here :

In short, Ott was always there to upset the opposition, and he did it wonderfully, one of the best at this level.

And on this Sunday evening, his son Maverick proved that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The youngster had a presence on the giant screen, and let’s just say he didn’t pull any punches in his performance. He even took off his sweater to spice up his dance.

As Steve Ott stood behind the bench of the St. Louis Blues, he glanced up at the giant screen to see his son going wild.

The father clearly seemed disheartened to see his guy act this way, but he can’t be mad, because he must see himself in him when he was younger.

Although Steve Ott was very dominant offensively at junior level, this was never his strength at the professional level. Still, it’s surprising to see that he once scored 50 goals in 55 games and maintained a pace of over 100 points per season in the OHL for two seasons (68-game seasons).

However, during his NHL career, he earned a master’s degree in ” chirp “. He knew exactly how to distract his opponent from his main objective by breaking his concentration in every possible way.

Even though he only played 11 games in Montreal in 2017, I quickly became attached to him thanks to his style of play. I would have loved to see him play his entire career in Montreal. Imagine a trio of Brendan Gallagher, Steve Ott and Andrew Shaw. You might even think of Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, had Ott played a little longer.

That would have bothered him in the middle.

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