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Even Bobby Ryan thinks Tim Stutzle is too “soft”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Even though I’m far from a fan, I can admit that Tim Stutzle is an excellent hockey player. In 2023-2024, he has 56 points in 59 games, a slightly slower pace than last year.

In 2022-2023, he collected 90 points.

The big problem with him is that he’s a diver. It may happen once, but there seems to be a new incident every month. The sequence below occurred on Friday night against the Arizona Coyotes.

And against the Habs, the German let himself down easily on a few occasions.

Naturally, this has sparked rage throughout the NHL, but also among his own fans.

Yesterday morning, one fan confessed that Stutzle is too “soft” and will never see the second round of the playoffs.

Bobby Ryan replied that he agreed with this statement.

Ryan never played with Stutzle in Ottawa, but he did spend seven years in the nation’s capital. It’s not often that former players send new players from their team under the bus.

Anyway, Ryan (and this fan) is right.

The young striker is really going to have to start putting his soccer skills to one side. The officials are beginning to know his tendencies, and when Stutzle gets really tripped up, the men in black and white aren’t necessarily going to punish the aggressor.

Perhaps someone in the Sens entourage should tell him the story of the guy who cried wolf….

Another fan added to Knowledge ‘s comment by listing Thomas Chabot, Josh Norris and Drake Batherson “as players who won’t see the second round”. Ryan also responded to this comment by admitting that Batherson’s name shouldn’t be in the same sentence as the others.

He’ll be a weapon when the Sens make the playoffs… in 2029-2030. – Bobby Ryan

In short, things are really bad in Ottawa, which has just given the Coyotes their first win in 15 games.

Even fans and former players don’t believe in the current core. And there are also a few rumours about Brady Tkachuk…

In brief

– No surprises.

– Recent video of the Rocket goalie.

– Text to read ahead of March 8.

– A great team victory.

– Well done.

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